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When I was young, my mother (who sadly passed away in 2017) used to get debilitating migraine headaches. She would need to go to the hospital and generally remain there for several hours or overnight. As a child, it scared me. A lot.

As I got older, I met more people who get migraines. Sometimes, one or two per week! I hope this information helps anyone who suffers from migraine headaches today.

Since migraine headaches interfere with work, life, family and school, there’s been a great deal of clinical research trying to find an effective treatment to minimize the frequency of migraines and alleviate the pain.

Medical experts believe that pain from a migraine headache is the result of intense stimulation to sensory nerves—a response to inflammatory agents which are released when a migraine occurs. This would explain why powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents, such as CBD oil, may be effective in the treatment of migraines.

Properties of CBD Oil That People Find Helpful

  • Potent analgesic (pain relieving) properties
  •  Antiemetic (preventing nausea and vomiting) properties
  •  Powerful anti-inflammatory effects

CBD oil has gotten a lot of attention for its powerful pain-relieving properties, particularly since cannabis use is becoming legal in many states (33 as of October 2019, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, but details vary). In June 2018, the FDA approved CBD for the first time for a new seizure medication called Epidiolex (cannabidiol) [CBD] oral solution.


According to a study published in Frontiers in Pharmacy, while there are many experts who advocate for the use of CBD oil for migraines, there is still not enough evidence to prove that treatment will CBD oil will be completely effective for alleviating migraine headaches. 

The researchers add that given time, as the legalities around medical marijuana and CBD oil change, more research may be able to show that CBD oil works well enough and consistently enough to treat migraines.

“Cannabinoids—due to their anti-convulsive, analgesic, anti-emetic, and anti-inflammatory effects —present a promising class of compounds for both acute [short-term, severe] and prophylactic [preventative] treatment of migraine pain,” explained lead study author Pinja Leimuranta, of the University of Eastern Finland. Although the researchers say that we are not completely there yet, they add that CBD oil can “absolutely help relieve some symptoms related to migraines.”

While few clinical research studies have examined the use of CBD to treat migraines, a 2016 study, published in Pharmacotherapy, found that the frequency of migraines was reduced from nearly 10 per month to only approximately four per month in a group of medical marijuana users.3 Research presented in 2017 at the Congress of the European Academy of Neurology showed that cannabinoids might help prevent migraines as well as easing the pain of migraine headache.

Additionally, a 2017 review of cannabis treatment for headaches outlined existing research, patient surveys, and case reports showing the efficacy of cannabis for migraine and other headache disorders. A 2018 review described experimental evidence for the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of migraine as well as other headaches and chronic pain.

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