Does CBD Get You High?

Among the first questions people ask Jay Presser and Samion Popkov, owners of LivmoreCBD on Chicago’s North Shore, is “does CBD get me high?” Today’s blog explains why the answer is NO.

As our friends at WebMD explained so well, “CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are the most common cannabinoids found in cannabis products.THC and CBD are in both marijuana and hemp. Marijuana contains much more THC than hemp, while hemp has a lot of CBD. We have two types of cannabinoid receptors in our bodies. THC binds with receptors — mostly in the brain — that control pain, mood, and other feelings. That’s why THC can make you feel euphoric and give you that so-called high. CBD doesn’t cause that high. Instead, it’s thought to work with other elements in the body linked to feelings of well-being.”

So simply put, THC gets you high, while CBD does not. By law, CBD not sold in a medical dispensary can contain no more than .3% of THC, which is such a small amount, that it does not make you high.

According to WebMD, “people take CBD products to help with everything from arthritis and Crohn’s disease to diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Some say it helps with anxietyinsomnia, and chronic pain. So far, there’s little evidence that CBD helps with any of these.

The FDA has approved one CBD-based drug. Epidiolex is a treatment for several severe forms of rare childhood epilepsy.

CBD is a hot topic for researchers. The National Institutes of Health clinical trials database shows more than 160 trials involving CBD that are either active or recruiting.”

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